What Does an Search Engine Optimization Consultant Do?

When search engine algorithms evolve to the point where they can scan and understand your website as well as you and I can (i.e., when they can mimic human level natural language understanding), I’ll be out of business. And that day is coming — see this & this.

Search engines, like Google & Bing, have just one goal:

They need to understand the purpose of a web site so they can bring to their search engine users (their customers) those web sites that best address their customer’s needs and wants.

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why do You Need It (and, maybe, an Search Engine Optimization Consultant too)?

Because search engine algorithms are not yet as smart as a human being, a search engine optimization consultant helps search engines understand both the meaning and purpose of a web page by using very simple techniques with technical names such as “on-page optimization,” “meta data,” etc. Once a web page is “understood” by the search engines, they can then more easily decide where to put (“rank”) the page on their search engine results page.

These simple techniques are well known because Google & Bing tells website owners about these techniques. They do that because it’s in their best interest to tell website owners how to “help” the search engine. Instead of you doing that, I can do that for you, and that’s about half my job.

There are, of course, many variables that determine how a web page is ranked for a given keyword. Making sure your site and web pages are maximized for these variable is also a big part of the search engine optimization consultant’s job. (Also, of course, only the search engines know exactly how they rank pages: they daily play with their own ranking algorithms, so the ranking algorithm is a moving target — but see seomoz.org’s Ranking Factors for 2009 for the most likely variables and their relative importance).

The other half of my job is helping you find potential buyers by finding good keywords, and then helping you convert your website visitors into leads.

It’s really all very simple and transparent, and while it is a lot of work – that’s why you hire someone like me – there’s nothing complicated or mysterious about any of it.

Create great content, optimize it, do analysis to get feedback, and get people to link to your site. That’s all there is to it.