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SEO Tips Made Easy

Digital marketing today dominates the advertising and communications industry, yet many smaller companies lack a plan for this. When Clutch, a leading B2B research agency, recently released the survey of Small Business Digital Marketing and Social Media Habits in 2016: A Survey *, 80% of respondents responded that digital marketing has a significant impact on the company’s success. Nevertheless, more than half of companies had no involvement in the area.

However, digital marketing does not need to be particularly expensive or complicated. An easy way to increase your business exposure is to prioritize some classic search optimization (SEO). That is, increase the chances that your business will appear in search results when someone is online and looking for the services or products you offer. With SEO, you can also compete with larger companies about the customers, since large budgets do not necessarily mean success, as there are other tricks to the top of the search list and cut customers.

Below are my three best tips for working with search optimization. Some have you heard before, but they can be repeated.

Publish content

Working on social media is free, and many potential customers do research, for example, via Facebook and Instagram as part of the buying process. Create and share content with a clear link to your business. For example, movies, guides, and news can be found. The challenge lies in maintaining continuity. Avoid the beginner’s journey to the first weeks and then give up when the time is no longer enough. Shorter, smaller posts are always good enough.


As part of a content strategy, you can also choose a few keywords that closely link your business and location, such as “old wiring,” “Jacksonville” and “sewer shutdown” if you run a Plumbing company near Jacksonville. Work with these keywords in headlines and enter into the content you publish.

Increase your local anchorage

Many people are looking for a particular product or service start by searching in their neighborhood. As a self-employed person, it is therefore extra important to have a clear local anchorage digitally. Make sure you’ve filled in necessary information like address and phone number through Google to be listed as a business, and you’ll instantly see someone in your area searching for your type of business. Also, encourage your customers and visitors to write reviews via Google.

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