SEO Services & Internet Marketing Services

I focus on 3 activities absolutely required for success:

  • Get Found: This means getting your website’s pages ranking well on search engine result pages as a function of specific keywords so that you can get traffic (visitors) to your website.
  • Create Landing Pages, Analyze, & Get Feedback : This means taking your website visitors and turning them into prospects (potential customers or leads). Analyzing & getting feedback means using simple analysis to get feedback about how well your site is attracting visitors and how well it’s converting them into prospects.
  • Creating Authority: This means creating links from other websites to your website.

(My techniques are a based on a practical application of the state of art marketing techniques described in Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (New Rules Social Media Series (one of the Top 5 Marketing Books on Amazon in 2009) by B & D, cofounders of, a Boston based marketing software company that OnMedia selected as one of top 100 Business-to-Business Technology & Marketing Enablers of 2011).

I. What’s The Best Way to Get Found — & Get More Traffic & Leads

How to Get Found in 3 Easy Steps!

The first step to be successful online is to create content on your site that engages your potential customers and communicates to them the benefits of your product or services.

The next step is to optimize that content for the search engines. Optimizing content is neither mysterious nor hard. The goal of search engine optimization is simply to help the search engines understand a web page. If search engines could understand the contents of a webpage as easily as we can by reading it, no optimization would be necessary. However, search engines, being computers, are not as smart as a human being, so a big part of SEO is just following some standard guidelines to help the search engines understand a web page.

The last step, after optimization, is to publish (promote) that content everywhere: on your website, your blog, & social media sites .

The specific work I will do: I create a set of high value keywords that will form the basis of your content. I find those keywords that are both relevant to your business and those that will allow your content (webpages, blog posts) to rank well on the search engine results page.

I’ll spend about 70% of my time on your account creating optimized content for your site & blog based on the keywords used by your customers. The goal here is for your website pages to rank highly in the search engines for your set of keywords.

Read more about how I increase online web site traffic by using the keywords your customers are using.

II. What’s the Best Way to Get Leads & Customers?

Landing Pages are the Best Type of Webpages to Covert Your Website Visitors into Leads & Customers

Ranking well in the search engines is a great start but it’s only that – a start. To succeed you need to have your website visitors do something on your site. If they read and leave or – worse – just leave, that’s a missed opportunity.

Once people click through to a page on your website, we generally want them to do something, e.g., contact you for more information, download a media kit, or attend an event. When a person does what we want them to do, this is called a conversion (or a lead).

Getting leads is critical to your success. When website visitors give you their contact information, usually in exchange for something, like a free whitepaper, this is the start of a relationship, the first step toward them purchasing your products or services.

The specific work I will do: Using known, well-tested principles, I’ll build landing pages that are designed to covert your website visitors into leads. The goal here is simply to get your website visitors to give you their contact information or purchase your product or service.

Oh Yes, Tracking Performance with Google Analytics & A/B Testing Is Absolutely Required to Optimize Your Landing Pages

When creating content and building landing pages designed to get website visitors to contact you, it’s almost impossible to know how well your website landing pages are working without feedback. Without feedback, you can’t know what’s working on your site and what’s not. Further, without feedback, it’s impossible to know how best to improve a landing page’s ability to get your website visitors to contact you.

The specific work I will do: For each landing page I build, I will set up conversion-lead tracking in Google Analytics. This is how we’ll measure how effective your site is at attracting and converting visitors into leads. With Google Analytics giving us crucial feeback information we can use a simple testing technique called “A/B testing” to systematically improve your landing pages to increase the number of conversions without having to work to increase traffic to that landing page. The goal here is simply to get feedback about how well your site is doing , to address and fix problems, and to improve on what’s working.

III. Want More? Create Authority with Inbound Links

Creating links from other websites to your website

If great, well-optimized, online content is the fire that heats up web page rankings, traffic, visitors and then finally conversions, inbound links are the gasoline that supercharges all your SEO efforts.

Without an active and ongoing link building campaign, all your writing and optimizing efforts will yield far less results than they would otherwise. In short, finding high value keywords, creating & optimizing great original content on your site and building great landing pages is necessary but not sufficient for high rankings on the search engine results page.

When other sites link to specific pages of your site, this helps the search engines gage your website’s authority and importance, which directly influences rankings. In short, to get the highest possible ranking for any keyword, you need other websites to link to your website

The specific work I’ll do: I’ll spend about 20% of my time on link building. I’ll find relevant conversations that are happening on blogs, in social media, etc., and I/we will add something to the conversation. This will help create “buzz” for your products and services.

I also do this: 25 Effective Ways to Get Links (some of them are even easy!)

IV. Other Work (about 10% of the time)

1. Local Search Factors

I’ll spend the rest of my time making sure your business listing profiles are accurate, up to date, and complete in local listings and review sites like Google Places, Yahoo’s Business Center, Yelp, etc. Having both complete & accurate profiles will help directly promote your business and, indirectly, it will influence rankings. A lot of this is one-time work: once the profiles are set up, that’s all you have to do aside from the ongoing task of getting good reviews and testimonials from your customers.

2. Social Media Profiles

I’ll also make sure your social media profiles are accurate, up to date, and complete. I’ll focus first on the most important of these and then I’ll tackle the smaller fish. Again, setting things up is more or less a one-time task. Ongoing tasks are those that involve personally engaging with your customers.