While SEO sounds technical (and it’s really not: see “What Do I Do . . . Exactly?“), it is quite labor intensive: like good writing itself — it’s handcrafted work.

Affordable SEO Packages for Small & Medium Sized Business Websites

I usually work with clients month by month: either 4, 8, 10 hours per week (or more). For marketing/SEO work, unless your site is very large, 10 hours per week will usually be more than sufficient. How much I charge depends on the nature of the work and your budget and my own budget. Typical client budgets are currently running between $175 and $350 per week. Usually the more hours per week you need, the lower the price.

I recommend starting with the 32 hour monthly package (8 hours per week), just to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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About Me | An SEO Specialist/Consultant

My name is Chris and I am a Hubspot.com Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and Google Analytics Individually Certified search engine optimization consultant, and this is a Personalized Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting & Internet Marketing Boutique.